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After more than a year of development within TrevVapor, comes the Fuck the Rules series for mixing your own e-liquids, embodying high standards of individuality and quality. Diverse combinations and mixes will send you a unique journey full of wonderful and unforgettable flavors. For sure try the Fuck the Rules – Coconut and Pistachio (N. 20) or Fuck the Rules – Peach smoothie (N. 19). The brand "Fuck the Rules" wants to break down current standards and rules in the world of flavor making and vaping. TrevVapor is located in the oldest German city of Trier. For the production of aromatic mixtures, it uses only known manufacturers and suppliers who meet the requirements of quality and safety. The FTR series is produced and filled in TrevVapors own rooms without contamination using state-of-the-art mixing and filling equipment.
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